✮ Me


This is my main website for publishing whatever I create. I keep an archive to mirror any art I post on 3rd party websites at full resolution, just incase. All of my comics are free to read as well, just like god & Totakeke intended.

You can find all my current contact info and social media stuff here

Now, for the essentials.


Born: 1998, moments before societal implosion

I’m an artist that mostly draws cartoons and dabbles in some other things. I especially like writing stories & designing characters, and I hope to apply those skills to animation someday.

Special Talent(s): Doodling, gross jokes, finding new and creative ways to recolor everything black

Secret Weakness: Cats, Comically disfigured bootlegs, Instant ramen

Movie I’ll force you to watch at 2:00 AM: “Ghost World”, maybe “The Room” if I feel like torturing you.